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Retirement Planning

People are living longer than ever before, singles, couples have serious questions about retirement and want straightforward answers.....

Case Study #1

A couple a few years until retirement, needed advice on where to rollover old 401K money as well as help with evaluating, monitoring, and recommending investment strategies for their assets. They also wanted a plan to assist them once they retired. And they had a number of questions:

  • Can we retire when we want to?
  • Will we have accumulated the money I’ll need?
  • Will our run out of money too soon?
  • When Should we start Social Security? What about a Will/Trust?

Working with this nearly retired couple we accomplished the following:



  • Evaluate all retirement and non-retirement assets
  • Rollover 401K assets to IRA investment vehicles
  • Diversify portfolio within risk tolerance levels
  • Simplify and consolidate investment strategy
  • Reduce income taxes
  • Evaluate future cash flow needs
  • Developed a written plan for their future
  • Analyzed all assets, recommended a strategic action plan and developed a comprehensive portfolio
  • Consolidated investment vehicles and increased net worth
  • Reduced income taxes to the extent possible
  • Continued monitoring portfolio and markets making changes when needed
  • Periodically confer regarding future financial strategies

Assisted them in establishing relationships through our network of professionals for estate and tax planning. And worked closely with the Estate Attorney and Accountant to insure we had their funds invested properly for tax and estate purposes. They have not decided yet on when they are going to retire, but they now have the confidence that they have all the pieces in place to move forward. Now, when they do decide, they will be able to live comfortably through their retirement years. They also have a financial coach that will be there to assist them as needed.  See Our Process that we go through to assist our clients Feel free to call us today to arrange your complimentary one hour consultation.

*All situations are different, please consult your financial professional for information regarding your needs and suitability issues.