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Social Security

Social Security and what to do about retirement

This 61-year-old recently widowed woman, whose husband had always handled their finances and was younger than her, was concerned with future cash flow for retirement, when to take Social Security and needed financial guidance on investing and planning for her future retirement.

Working with this woman we accomplished the following:



  • Retire at age 62, if possible
  • Analyze her Social Security Benefits -when should she start
  • Review 401k and IRA investments
  • Invest money from CDs to improve yields
  • Needed will
  • Analyzed and re-positioned assets in 401k and IRA to an investment mix that aimed to provide returns within risk tolerance levels, and preservation of capital.
  • Developed a retirement savings plan utilizing present and future values based on her current income.
  • Analyzed the best plan for taking Social Security for her future
  • Continually monitor investments

We assisted this client in establishing a will, and she now has a long term action plan in place which gives her a peace of mind. She also has a financial coach to assist her with other financial matters as she moves toward retirement. Review Our Process and how we assist our clients. Call us and arrange a one hour complimentary consultation.