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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you charge and what method do you use to get paid as a financial professional?

Our fees are based on Assets under management and are fair and competitive-they vary depending on the scope of the work we perform for our clients We essentially charge one fee -we do not have extra charges for the plan we put together, nor are there additional fees for periodic meetings, updates or financial guidance. I address these specifically when I understand exactly the scope of work I am going to be doing for my client.

2. What are your credentials that qualify you to handle retirement planning and how much experience do you have?

Please see "Our Team"

3. What does your financial plan entail?

Please see "What we do" - Outlining in detail what our plan entails

4. Can I really get a NO-Cost- NO Obligation evaluation of my current portfolio?

Yes that is correct - we would do an unbiased review of your account - at no charge to you.

5. What other planning services do you provide?

As noted on - "About us" -Covers all that we do and - In areas where we are not specialists, IFM works with a network of professionals who are experienced professionals in their respected areas and we integrate their advice into your financial plan. Our experienced professionals is in the area of planning, along with developing and managing the client's portfolio.

6. What are the steps to get started and what does the planning process entail?

Please see- "Our Process"

7. Does your planning include specific recommendations or more on general directions?

As noted on - "Our Process" we are very specific - see middle of page and please review "Our Client Profiles".

8. What products do you specifically market and are there financial incentives for you to recommend certain financial products?

We are independent so we have an open architect and have NO proprietary products and no financial incentives - Our focus is on mutual funds/ETFs and alternative products where appropriate.

9. Do you receive referral fees from attorneys, accountants, insurance professionals, mortgage brokers, or others?



Federal and state laws require that, under most circumstances, individuals or firms holding themselves out to the public as providing investment advisory services are required to be registered with either the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) or the regulatory agency of the state in which the individual/firm conducts business.